What We Do

A Sunnier Take on Packaging



With in-house design, engineering, and a deep background in CPG and luxury packaging manufacturing, Sunshine Enclosures is uniquely positioned to create fully custom solutions for our clients. Expert account directors guide, educate, and facilitate even the most complex product lines. A talented and experienced sourcing and production team finds and develops even the most obscure products. Uncompromising quality assurance officers guarantee every product we sell. Hands-on management ensures that the focus is always on the customer’s satisfaction.


Whether a client knows exactly what they want or is starting from scratch, the Sunshine Enclosures team can guide the process from ideation to prototyping to production to delivery. We are a one-stop-shop for packaging all means of cannabis ingestion. We keep the process simple and affordable while providing unparalleled expertise, service, speed, and energy. The client’s concerns are our concerns; their timelines are our timelines. There is no packaging firm in the industry as flexible or with as prolific an ability to customize products to a customer’s requirements as Sunshine Enclosures.


It’s why hundreds of brands have chosen Sunshine Enclosures as their packaging partner.